“A warm shout out to respondents for our AVID tutor recruitment message!!!  We are still seeking one more tutor.  Contact Trinn at kamurray1@seattleschools.org to inquire.  Mahalo!”

Karen Murray shared this story on September 10, 2019

AVID Tutorology Candidates

“Thanks to Switchboard for connecting us to the perfect match for our housing needs! I'm deeply grateful.”

Brenda Baker shared this story on August 26, 2019

Temporary Housing Needed

“An SPU student has been selected for our summer intern. Thanks again! ”

Gloria DeGaetano '79 shared this story on June 5, 2019

Social Media Summer Intern

“I found one and it's been wonderful!”

Jessica Razanadrakoto shared this story on February 22, 2019

Carpool from Kirkland to SPU

“I got two responses to my request for a graphic designer, and they were both high-quality people AND designers. I'm so happy Switchboard is here, otherwise I wouldn't have known where to even start finding someone for this project!”

“We got a couple of great candidates, one was a recent grad from SPU through a referral from a previous SPU grad applicant I kept in contact with. It pays to have friends who have your back, folks! It's also a huge bonus to keep in touch with businesses you interview with, even if you don't get the job. You may end up being a connection for a friend, or the company MIGHT even contact you again in the future with another opportunity, if you were gracious and respectful. Best of luck to all you job seekers! ”

“I found a wonderful couple to house and pet sit on Switchboard - I couldn't be more pleased! ”

Reuel Mateo was very helpful when my daughter was making travel plans to Brazil! ”

Karen Altus shared this story on February 27, 2018

Free Travel Consultation

“I've had two people respond to my request--and I am corresponding with both. Hoping to make a match!”

Niki Amarantides shared this story on January 23, 2018

Reading Tutor for a College Student?

“After posting this message, I was contacted by Davinah Simmons, a Career Counselor at SPU.  She connected me with Jordan, a friend of hers who works with refugees and immigrants.  Jordan and I had a wonderful conversation through which I gained a lot of helpful insight and ideas.  I am really grateful for these connections and ideas!”

“had a great phone visit with Susan Marshall '07, another fantastic SPU alumna who has some great experience working with international students and in higher education. Perhaps her employment journey will bring her back to her alma mater some day. #OnceaFalconAlwaysaFalcon”

Bryan Jones '99 shared this story on March 21, 2017

Careers at SPU and in Higher Education

“I connected with Christina Hernandez over coffee and had a great time meeting this soon-to-be Falcon alumna. So fun sharing with her what it's like to work for SPU and have a career in higher ed. I was glad to be able to connect her with an SPU colleague for another informational interview!”

Bryan Jones '99 shared this story on March 21, 2017

Careers at SPU and in Higher Education

“Someone tagged me in response to another student's request, which was very helpful in drawing my attention that someone else's request paired well with my offer.”

Kelsie Russell '08 shared this story on March 13, 2017

Advice for those considering teaching

“Hi fiends, I am thrilled to share that I have received an offer for the Walt Disney World College Program Fall 2017! I have been selected for a front desk position within the park resorts. Big shout out to Troy Hodges for providing some great tips based off of his time in the program back in 2015. Thanks as well to the Center For Career and Calling for coaching me on how to prepare for my first phone interview. You all played such a vital role in my hiring process!”

“Huge thank you to Abby for her expertise and willingness to help me around the city when I visited! I owe my pleasant experience to not going in blind and having the opportunity to rely on someone who knew the city.  Would highly recommend connecting with someone before visiting any major city to maximize your trip!”

Emily Ballesteros '17 shared this story on January 6, 2017

Advice on moving across the country

“I found a volleyball coach! I love that I can so easily reach out to the SPU community because they have a heart for serving and I knew they would be a great fit for the girls in my volleyball program! ❤️”

Lori Brown shared this story on December 8, 2016

Do you love to coach volleyball?