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by Meranda on Jun 06, 2017

Need help finding a job?

Hi all! My name is Meranda and  I graduated from SPU with a degree in communications from SPU in 2015! About a month ago I started working at CampusPoint which is a recruiting agency downtown and our mission is to give students and recent grads more employment opportunities. My job specifically is to find opportunities for folks like yourself who need internships, experience or entry level positions! Feel free to sign up online at if you are looking, its super easy and free! Also feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

by David on May 29, 2017

P/T Summer Internship @ Kickass Seattle Tech Start-up

1) Hungry to learn and make a difference 2) Not lost when the way forward is unclear: find an answer, get help or make it up as you go, but you don't get stalled. 3) Events: from concept to clean-up and every, single detail in between… you can execute end-to-end. 4) Unexpected chaos does not diminish your composure or ability to think clearly. The show will go on and no one in the audience realizes there was a problem. 5) The Finisher: you may not always be the leader, but your team project will be completed, on time because you make sure of it. 6) You are the most organized in any group: your Reminders have Reminders. If you are a STRONG “Yes” to at least 4 of these, can communicate clearly and have a solid understanding of Word, Excel, calendars and g-mail – than this just might be the right internship opportunity for you.  All backgrounds are encouraged to apply, whether you're a Household Manager, Server, Stage Manager, Business Major, Lab Tech or Creative Writer.  Read on! Usermind is a local start-up: Yes – we're dog friendly Yes – our remote employees wheel from meeting-to-meeting on robots Yes – we play board games once a week as an office (if you want) Yes – we have a sweet office location in Belltown (downtown Seattle) That's where our adherence to the “stereo-typical” tech start-up proto-type ends. We're diverse in nearly every sense of the word and that starts with our co-founder/CEO and nearly 50% of our leadership being female.  We reject the notion that start-ups only thrive in Silicon Valley.  We're not satisfied with “building a better mousetrap,” but instead we're forging and defining a category that doesn't exist yet. Where do you come in?  I run the back of the house operations for Usermind.  Things around the office seem to happen like magic, but it's not without a ton of planning, logistics and effort.  You are going to be my right hand and force multiplier.  Together, we're going move the needle in a tremendous way this summer.  My promise to you: you will have the opportunity to impact the culture and success of a company, the processes and tools you build will be implemented and used to help us reach the next milestone of growth, you will be recognized for your efforts, you'll learn and we'll have fun!  It's not glamorous, but real business rarely is.   Are you up for the challenge? Can you commit ~16-20 hours/week to this? Send me your resume and the most succinct e-mail you've ever written about why I should interview you for this opportunity (bonus if under 100 words).  Do not delay - EVERY day matters! 

by Ian on Jun 12, 2017

Experienced house and babysitter happy to help over the summer!

Hello all! I am blessed to have JUST graduated from SPU and am extremely excited that in September I will be joining an Americorps program in California! In the meantime, I am doing some traveling, most of which is on a very flexible schedule. As such, in between bouts I would love to offer my services to any and all families who may need someone to look after their kids for the evening, watch their pets and home while on vacation, mow their lawn, or anything else you may need some assistance with in that realm.  I have plenty of experience doing these things having worked at Bethany Church's nursery, providing years of house and lawn care in my hometown, and being a regular baby and pet sitter for multiple families. Of course, I am happy to provide references and a resume. Pay is very negotiable and I have a car for transportation.  The only days that I for sure will be out of town are June 23-25 and June 29 - July 12. Other than that, like I mentioned, my plans are fairly flexible. Feel free to email me at! 

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